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Consignment Agreement

Please read this information carefully to avoid any misunderstandings of shop policies.

1. An appointment is required for the initial consignment. After establishing an account with Memories on Wayberry.

Consignor has two options for subsequent consignments:

     Option 1 - Appointment: 30 item limit. Any articles not accepted for consignment are returned to Consignor.

     Option 2 - Drop Off: No limit. Articles must be contained and labeled with Consignor’s name and consignment number.

     Articles not accepted for consignment will be donated to charity.

2. Memories on Wayberry will accept articles in washed and excellent condition only.

  • Freshly cleaned, please! We only take items that are in new or like-new condition, free of spots, stains, holes, or odors. A common issue we see is "pilling," when the fabric creates little balls due to wear. Pay special attention to high-wear areas such as under the arms, the collar, the waist and crotch areas.

  • Shoes: ​Please wipe them inside and out. If there are blemishes or imperfections in your shoes, such as toe prints, shoe pads, or scrapes in the leather, we ask that any flaws are repaired before consignment.


Fall/winter items are accepted beginning in July. Spring/summer items accepted beginning in January. Current Boutique may pull items depending on season, space or otherwise in its sole discretion. Memories on Wayberry reserves the right to reject any articles considered unsalable for any reason.

3. The sale price for all items will be determined by Memories on Wayberry. The Consignor receives 40% of the selling price for each item. Stop in any time for any money you’ve made. Balances under $95 can be paid out in cash in store. Over $95 are paid out by Venmo or check. Prefer store credit? Use your money in store for 10% off your purchase, every day.

You will not receive any reminders for your pick-up date. You may request that these items be pulled for you in advance on our website. After the pick-up date they become the property of Memories on Wayberry and may be donated.

5. Small Furniture: For items $25 or more, Consignor receives 50%. An appointment is required. Photos of furniture should be sent in advance to

6. Items accepted for consignment will remain for sale for a total of 60 days. Memories on Wayberry reserves the right to reduce the selling price on any items not sold within 30 days of consignment by up to 50% for the remainder of the consignment period. Consignors wishing to reclaim unsold items must do so within 60 days of consignment. Any unsold items not reclaimed by Consignor will become the property of Memories on Wayberry and will be donated to charity without notification to Consignor or liability to Memories on Wayberry.

7. Although every effort is made to exercise reasonable care of items accepted by RTO, Memories on Wayberry everything is left at the Consignor’s risk. Memories on Wayberry is not responsible for loss or damages of any kind of consignment merchandise.

8. I have read and understand the above agreement and accept the terms therein. I will hold Memories on Wayberry harmless from the responsibility of any loss to any articles received by Memories on Wayberry.

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